The benefits of sleeping on a natural latex mattress

For a few years now, latex is one of the most preferred materials for your mattresses. Its advantages are many and the level of comfort they provide very high. Sleeping on a natural latex mattress is to ensure adequate and restful rest.

Advantages of the natural latex mattress:

Soft touch:

Latex mattresses are characterized by a very soft touch. This makes them very nice when we get into bed.


Latex is a tremendously elastic material. Thanks to this quality, the natural latex mattress adapts perfectly to body shapes. A very smooth and progressive reception is achieved.

Medium firmness:

Latex mattresses have a medium firmness, which makes them ideal for those people who, because of tastes or needs, need a less firm base.


Latex mattresses are very breathable, which makes it easy to evacuate moisture from the body. In addition, natural latex is not a suitable substrate for the growth of said organisms. This prevents the proliferation of fungi and bacteria caused by moisture.

Natural and ecological material:

Natural latex is a 100% organic material, which makes it biodegradable and respectful of the environment.


Latex is a material of great durability if it receives the appropriate care.

Of course, among the mattresses of springs, we will find very different prices and qualities. Luckily, today even the cheapest mattresses offer a high level of comfort. In Sleep Junkie, we have mattresses with springs that adapt to all needs and pockets. In addition, we offer our exclusive financing offers without interest, so that rest is not a burden on your economy.

As with other materials or springs, we will find different firmness and adaptability depending on the density and the padding that accompanies the foam. Our advice is to never lose sight of the density of the mattress foam chosen to be sure of its quality and durability.

Natural Latex Mattress:

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