How to choose the right accessories for your bed?

The bed is something that you spend most of your time. It plays an important role in your life as you come to the home after your busy schedule and lying on the bed gives you total comfort.

Today we talk to you about the bed accessories that very often are not considered, but contrary to what you think they can improve comfort and keep your mattress intact.

What are they and what are their characteristics?

Let’s start from the base, the cover is very useful because it avoids two problems, the first is the rubbing between the slats of the net and the fabric, that is the mattress covering, thus avoiding creating pilling, the second is to guarantee a shelter against the dust that would inevitably come into contact with the mattress itself.

Here, too, there are obviously various solutions from the simple felt cover, to the cover with feeling and a quilted sponge or to upholstered versions.

The mattress topper has various functions, the first and most important is to protect the mattress from dust, bacteria, sweat, and other substances, starting with simple stretch sponge mattress covers, 100% natural cotton or quilted, washable at high temperatures up to 95 degrees. There are also special mattress covers for specific needs, for example, certified anti-mite, against heat with outlast technology, a barrier against liquids, and wool for thermoregulation.

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Finally, the pillow covers that can substantially have the same characteristics as the mattress cover.

Three tips for making the right choice:

1. Choose the various accessories considering the type of bed system you use or will use.

2. Choose accessories based on the personal needs of those who will use the bed system.

3. Make the choice at a specialized center that can provide all the information and has a complete range of accessories.